(NASHVILLE, TN) September 30, 2021 — Insight Optix, a legal technology company, is pleased to announce that Array, an industry-leading litigation support partner, is adding Evidence Optix® to its solution portfolio. Evidence Optix is a powerful discovery scoping, data source tracking, and proportionality assessment technology that can greatly reduce eDiscovery costs and mitigate risk for their customer base.

Most legal professionals today rely on spreadsheets and emails to manage custodian interviews, track data sources, and calculate discovery costs. The limitations of these tools and inefficiencies often lead to overcollection (due to inadequate early information), high eDiscovery costs, and risk.

Evidence Optix disrupts the traditional and expensive eDiscovery process through a simple, yet powerful, SaaS-based solution that commences in the gap between legal hold and collection – where early decisions significantly impact cost and burden downstream. The framework organizes and ranks custodians to the claims and defenses of a matter, provides centralized data source tracking, calculates real-time cost projections for budgeting, negotiation, and proportionality arguments, and can be leveraged throughout the litigation lifecycle.

“The discovery scoping process is an area of eDiscovery that has historically been neglected by technology companies,” said Thadd Hale, Chief Executive Officer of Array. “Thankfully, Insight Optix has developed an astute solution that enhances our ability to help clients more efficiently manage the logistics of discovery scoping and data source tracking. We are pleased to partner with Insight Optix and help our clients reap the benefits of this game-changing approach.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with a company that is committed to providing innovative solutions to improve the eDiscovery process while delivering significant results for their clients,” said Mandi Ross, CEO and Managing Director of Insight Optix. “We look forward to building relationships with the Array team members and providing an exceptional experience with Evidence Optix.”

About Insight Optix

Insight Optix is a legal technology company with the first and only technology solution in the market that addresses the longstanding problem of excessive and overzealous discovery. Evidence Optix’s patented workflow empowers early discovery scoping, budget projections, proportionality analysis, and data source tracking throughout the litigation lifecycle. Insight Optix is proud to be a WBENC-certified company that employs experts with decades of industry experience.


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