A Tectonic Shift is Occurring in eDiscovery

Are you tired of hearing about high eDiscovery costs? Legal professionals spend countless hours talking about it, yet year after year the only thing that changes is that costs continue to rise. Will 2023 be any different? We’re seeing a…

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How to Resolve the ECA vs. EDA Confusion Once and For All

By Scott Carvo and Mandi Ross What’s in a name? In the case of eDiscovery, it’s all about what you’re trying to accomplish. Legal and eDiscovery professionals can’t seem to agree on the appropriate term to describe the process of…

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The Iceberg is Ahead! Can You Avoid it in Time?

In the classic movie Titanic, the crewman on watch spotted the iceberg looming ahead and yelled, “Iceberg, right ahead!” to the rest of the crew. Despite this advance warning, they were unable to turn the ship in time to avoid…

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Exploring a Changing eDiscovery Mindset – Tom O’Connor and Rachi Messing’s Podcast with Mandi Ross

Industry leaders Tom O’Connor and Rachi Messing bring a great mix of humor and seriousness to their interview with CEO Mandi Ross. This podcast includes a quick trip down memory lane, moving through the early days of eDiscovery to present…

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The Discovery Proportionality Model: A New Framework

After two years of hard work by a team of 56 practitioners, discovery experts, and judges, the “New Framework” for eDiscovery is here.   In 2019, led by John Rabiej of the George Washington University Law School’s James F. Humphreys Complex…

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This Case Involved More Than One Disaster

As we all know, the devil is in the details. Managing eDiscovery proves this adage almost daily.  If you don’t pay careful attention, that devil will most certainly come back to haunt you. This was most recently evidenced in a…

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The Importance of the First 100 Days – How to Avoid the Most Common Discovery Dispute

Failure to produce. By far, this was the number one discovery dispute last year. According to the 2020 eDiscovery Case Law Year in Review report1 published this year by eDiscovery Assistant2 and eDiscovery Today, 1,382 disputes revolved around this issue.

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Time to Spring Forward – A New Framework for Discovery

The phrase, “there’s nothing new under the sun” is popular because in most cases, it’s true. On March 25-26 of this year, The George Washington University Complex Litigation Center held a Bench-Bar conference introducing a New Framework for proportionality in discovery that defied that maxim.

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Sitting with the C-Suite podcast featuring Mandi Ross

In this episode of LeanDiscovery Sitting with the C-Suite podcast, Mandi Ross and host Clinton Sanko, Baker Donelson, discuss a broad range of topics relevant to modern litigation, specifically proportionality, remote work during the pandemic, and staying up to date on technology.

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UF Law 8th Annual E-Discovery Conference

Thousands of attendees from over 25 countries attended the 8th annual University of Florida – Fredric G. Levin College of Law eDiscovery Conference on March 18th. Be sure to check out the session recordings on the conference’s YouTube channel. Don’t…

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Insight Optix Recognized by The National Law Journal as a 2021 Legal Technology Trailblazer

NLJ highlights companies and products that are changing the legal landscape (Nashville, TN) The National Law Journal announced its list of 2021 Legal Technology Trailblazers, recognizing Insight Optix as a leader in legal technology innovation. Insight Optix is the inventor…

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Here’s a New Industry Initiative to Develop a Proportionality Benefit-Burden Model – Blog Post by Doug Austin

An important industry initiative is under way to develop a proportionality benefit-burden model, which is based on the patented Evidence Optix® framework, developed by Insight Optix. This standardized methodology enables legal practitioners to reduce the scope of discovery using a…

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