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Evidence Optix empowers early discovery scoping, budget projections, proportionality analysis, and data source tracking throughout the litigation lifecycle. This revolutionary tool disrupts the traditional and expensive ediscovery process through a simple, yet powerful, SaaS-based workflow that commences in the gap between legal hold and collection – where early decisions significantly impact cost and burden downstream.

Let us help you reduce spend. increase efficiency. provide metrics. accelerate discovery. centralize collaboration. establish defensibility. inform decisioning.

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Why Our Team Works for You.

Insight Optix is a WBENC-certified, woman and veteran owned business. Our grit, experience, and creative thinking will help solve your discovery challenges.

Why Our Team Works for You.

Insight Optix is a WBENC-certified, woman and veteran owned business. Our grit, experience, and creative thinking will help solve your discovery challenges.

Evidence Optix® Disrupts the eDiscovery Process

Reduces Discovery Costs Icon
Reduces Discovery Costs

Dramatically reduces the amount of data moving down- stream to the costliest phases of discovery.

Enhances Collaboration Icon
Enhances Collaboration

Ensures efficiency and productive communication between in-house legal, IT, outside counsel, and vendors.

Mitigates Risk Icon
Mitigates Risk

Centralized decisioning, documentation, and transparency help prevent inconsistencies, errors, data loss, and sanctions.

Provides Critical Insights Icon
Provides Critical Insights

Cross-matter management and metrics inform strategic decision-making and consistent oversight.

Optimizes metrics Icon
Optimizes Metrics

Captures the granular data needed to effectively articulate the burden and relevancy of discovery requests.

Maintains Historical Record Icon
Maintains Historical Record

All decisions and data sources are tracked, providing documentation necessary for future insight or judicial intervention.

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Evidence Optix Proportional Discovery Assessment® – Case Study

Overall reduction of 87% in data collected

(Compared to traditional approach of collect now and analyze later)




Custodians (28%) Released


Custodians (59%) remained under hold; limited data collected


Custodians (13%) identified as highly relevant; data collected

The Industry is Talking

Evidence Optix® is garnering more and more attention in the eDiscovery industry.

"Costs can be best controlled by managing the number of custodians and data sources moving downstream from collection and into processing and review. This involves a proportionality analysis, which is where Evidence Optix® looks to provide structure and objective information to share in internal discovery scoping, negotiating with opposing counsel, and presenting information to the Court."

Caroline Sweeney
Director - Knowledge Management / Information,
Dorsey & Whitney

John Patzakis

“Evidence Optix® provides a much needed disruptive framework to enable a defensible, transparent and effective discovery process that enables the ideals of proportionality.”

John Patzakis
Chief Legal Officer, X1 Discovery, Inc.

Kristopher Hulliberger

“Real and tangible discovery costs and burden are finally presented in a meaningful way that allows the bench to evaluate the need for the requested discovery in a proportionality analysis.”

Kristopher K. Hulliberger
Partner – Head of ESI Practice Group, Howard & Howard

"As data volumes continue to increase exponentially, eDiscovery is often an expensive and burdensome exercise. BMD has deployed Evidence Optix® firm-wide as a standardized discovery approach to address the root cause of excessive and overzealous discovery. EO delivers the collaboration, transparency, and strategic insight our corporate clients expect to increase efficiencies, reduce risk, and dramatically reduce the cost of discovery."

Robert Hager
Member, Executive Committee
Brennan Manna Diamond

Recognition & Awards

Our patented Evidence Optix® technology has received numerous innovation awards, and is the foundation for new discovery proportionality guidelines developed by 56 judges, practitioners, and eDiscovery experts and currently being used in judicial pilots around the country.

Insight Optix is proud to be recognized as a certified Women-owned Business by the WBENC.

Change the Way You Think About Discovery

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if custodians could be ranked according to their relevance after a five-minute assessment interview, quickly identifying priority custodians.

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all the various data sources being ranked and classified based on collection difficulty.

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building scenarios which organize custodians and data sources based on their rankings, with real-time metrics and cost projections.

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complete organization and reporting of data source tracking information and decisioning, from collection through disposition.