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Here’s a New Industry Initiative to Develop a Proportionality Benefit-Burden Model – Blog Post by Doug Austin

An important industry initiative is under way to develop a proportionality benefit-burden model, which is based on the patented Evidence Optix® framework, developed by Insight Optix. This standardized methodology enables legal practitioners to reduce the scope of discovery using a…

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Georgetown Law’s 2020 Global Advanced eDiscovery Institute “Judge Tank” winner

Evidence Optix®, the patented SaaS-based discovery workflow developed by Insight Optix, has been chosen as a finalist in the Georgetown Law’s 2020 AEDI Judge Tank program for the most innovative ideas in ediscovery. Check out our video submission!

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ACEDS Webinar – Seeing 20/20: Reasonable and Proportional Discovery in 2020

The four ediscovery experts, with over a century of experience between them, provided excellent insight for reducing the cost and burden of ediscovery. Thank you to Mandi Ross of Prism Litigation Technology, Doug Austin of eDiscovery Today, Martin Tully of Actuate Law, and Michael Quarteraro of ACEDS for this thoughtful discussion.

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Relativity Blog: e-Discovery Collection Strategies for the Remote Banner

Relativity Blog: e-Discovery Collection Strategies for the Remote Workforce

Recently, our own Mandi Ross, founder and CEO of Prism Litigation Technology and developer of the actionable proportionality workflow, Evidence Optix®, was featured in a webinar hosted by X1 Technologies.

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Interview with eDiscovery CoCounsel: FRCP Rule 26 Proportionality in Negotiations

Thank you to Chad Roberts of eDiscovery CoCounsel for your informative interview with Mandi Ross, founder and CEO of Prism Litigation Technology regarding how producing parties can leverage proportionality to prepare for a Rule 26 negotiation.

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ACC Docket Article – Making Proportionality Arguments – May 2020

With the evolution of technology, documents have proliferated, moving from the file cabinet to the clouds. When litigation occurs, searching these vast troves of data can be overwhelming.

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Trends in Proportionality – Guest Blog Post by Josh Gilliland

Lawsuits are about people. Who did what when is the crux of every dispute. Living in an age where people can send email, text, and chat from their phones, there can be a lot of places to look for discoverable…

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The New Michigan Court Rules – Accelerating into the Digital Age

Welcome to the 21st Century! For the first time in three decades, the Michigan Supreme Court has issued comprehensive revisions of the state’s discovery rules. One major component of the extensive overhaul involves proportionality. That is, Michigan trial courts can…

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