Exponential increases in data volumes from a widening variety of data source types have intensified the complexity of eDiscovery and the inherent risks. Corporations are increasingly concerned about these data challenges and burgeoning discovery budgets, putting pressure on outside counsel to innovate and adapt. Judges expect practitioners to plot an efficient discovery plan and have turned up the heat with litigants who do not comply. Disputes and sanctions related to inadequate discovery processes continue their meteoric rise, but there are steps you can take to reduce risks and keep your name out of the headlines.

Attend this engaging panel discussion at The CJK Group eDiscovery | Information Governance Retreat in Amelia Island, Florida to hear the perspectives of practitioners and industry experts as they discuss these pressing issues and offer recommendations to keep you from getting burned.

Topics include:

  • Gain insight about trends that are moving the needle towards reasonable and proportionate discovery
  • Leverage the permission slip that no one is taking advantage of
  • Avoid risks that can burn even the most seasoned practitioners
  • Optimize the first 100 days to keep cool and get your eDiscovery house in order


Mandi Ross
CEO and Managing Director
Insight Optix


Craig Barnett
Shareholder, Commercial Litigation
Stearns Weaver Miller

Elliot Nierman
Vice President of Engineering, Processing

Chad Roberts
Discovery Counsel
eDiscovery CoCounsel, pllc