Full judicial panel evaluates Evidence Optix – Proportional Discovery Assessment® technology favorably

(Chicago, IL, November 19, 2020) — Insight Optix LLC, an ediscovery technology company, today announced it received favorable decisions from all four judges during the Georgetown Law 2020 Global Advanced eDiscovery Institute “Discovery Judge Tank” event.

Modeled after the “Shark Tank” television program, the “Discovery Judge Tank” featured four of the hottest new strategies in ediscovery, including Insight Optix’s Evidence Optix®, a SaaS-based technology platform that leverages an actionable proportionality methodology to reduce the burden and cost associated with discovery. Mandi Ross, CEO of Insight, “pitched” this solution to the Judge/Shark panel, who then debated the proposed strategies and indicated whether they would “buy” or “pass” on the solution.

Hon. Hildy Bowbeer, U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota; Hon. Paul W. Grimm, U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland; Hon. Xavier Rodriguez, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas; and Hon. Elizabeth A. Stafford, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan evaluated Evidence Optix during the “Discovery Judge Tank” session. They pointed out that Evidence Optix gives attorneys a way to organize and systematically document decisions, and that it is an excellent tool for the meet and confer process.

Evidence Optix offers a defensible, transparent, and comprehensive method to narrow the scope of discovery starting prior to data collection and continuing downstream, thereby dramatically reducing discovery costs. This patented approach systematically organizes and ranks custodians to the claims and defenses of a matter, and quantifies the effort and burden of collecting unique, relevant data sources. It provides a framework for calculating real-time cost projections, thus providing critical insight for legal teams.

“The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require that discovery be expeditious and proportional to the merits of the case, but in practice we are still regularly seeing overzealous discovery that leads to excessive litigation costs,” said Ms. Ross. “Evidence Optix empowers attorneys to create a legal strategy and enables their operations team to optimize proportionality principles to right-size discovery.”

About Insight Optix

Insight Optix is an ediscovery technology company that developed the patented proportionality software, Evidence Optix. The CEO of Insight Optix, Mandi Ross, is also the leader of Prism Litigation Technology, a consulting firm with over two decades of experience as trusted ediscovery advisors. Staffed with legal professionals, technologists, and data scientists, Prism offers expert advisory services, emerging technology platforms such as Evidence Optix, and workflow automation to leverage the principles of proportionality throughout a matter’s lifecycle.

You can find current information, including our “Discovery Judge Tank” video, by visiting our website at evidenceoptix.com. For more information, please contact us at info@insightoptix.com or connect with us on LinkedIn.