Two legal technology companies join forces to solve the over-preservation and over-collection issue 

(NASHVILLE, TN) October 17, 2023 — Insight Optix and X1 Discovery, two innovative legal technology companies, announce a strategic partnership to combat exponentially rising data volumes, and the over-preservation and over-collection practices that lead to high eDiscovery costs.  

Despite more than a decade of industry talk about reducing discovery spend, the problem persists because there has not been enough strategic focus on the earliest stages of discovery. Traditional legal hold solutions are centered around the notification process, but do not offer strategic guidance, advanced metrics, and technology to support the decisions attorneys must make during the identification and collection of ESI – which are the key drivers of eDiscovery costs.   

What companies need is a consistent and defensible process to target relevant data more accurately, while eliminating non-responsive ESI – before collection commences 

“The combination of Evidence Optix®, Insight Optix’s early case strategy and discovery scoping solution, and X1 Enterprise Collect™, X1’s index- and search-in-place and collection technology, establishes a ground-breaking workflow for corporations and their law firms by offering an organized, centrally documented, and defensible process to preserve and collect only what you need,” said Mandi Ross, CEO and Managing Director of Insight Optix.  

“This integrative workflow accomplishes what clients have been seeking for years – impactful cost reductions throughout the litigation lifecycle, accelerated discovery timelines, and insight into the data and metrics much earlier in the process,” said Larry Gill, CEO of X1. “The partnership is a win-win for our clients and our respective teams who enjoy collaborating together to deliver such a powerful solution.”  

Evidence Optix’s twice-patented evaluation and ranking system helps clients prioritize relevant custodians and data sources while eliminating non-relevant, duplicative data from preservation and collection. Heat maps, scenario-building tools, dashboards, and reports, give legal teams the metrics they need to negotiate reasonable and proportional discovery plans.  

X1’s index- and search-in-place technology is used to rapidly identify relevant documents and perform iterative searches on metadata and text pre-collection to understand data volumes and hit counts. This solution can perform targeted collections of data from the full MS 365 suite, including Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Mail without an E5 license and without throttling challenges, as well as on any laptop, desktop, and large network file share. X1 Enterprise Collect makes targeted collection easy with a one-step upload to Relativity or a load-ready export for other review platforms. 

About Insight Optix 

Insight Optix is a legal technology company with the first and only SaaS offering in the market that addresses the longstanding problem of excessive and overzealous discovery. Evidence Optix’s twice-patented workflow empowers early case strategy and discovery scoping, budget projections, proportionality analysis, data source tracking, and centralized collaboration and decisioning throughout the litigation lifecycle. Insight Optix is proud to be a WBENC women-owned certified company that employs experts with decades of industry experience. 

You can learn more about Evidence Optix® by visiting or connecting with us on LinkedIn. 

About X1 

X1® is the global leader in remote preservation and collection software. With more than 600,000 users in 20,000 different organizations globally, X1 solutions address our clients’ and users’ mission-critical needs every day. Please contact X1 at or visit for more information. ¹U.S. Patents No. 7,370,035, 7,496,559, 7,945,914, 8,019,741, 8,498,977, 8,856,093, 9,633,139, 9,659,058, 9,880,983, and 10,552,490.