Defensible, Centralized Data Source Tracking and Logistics for eDiscovery

Say goodbye to the spreadsheet.
Say hello to real-time data source tracking.

Gone are the days of managing the electronic data source lifecycle via a spreadsheet. Legal teams need never again worry about outdated, incomplete or inaccurate information that could lead to missteps in task completion.  Evidence Optix® LE minimizes the risk and exposure of outdated collection and tracking methods, ensuring that preservation and collection documentation is comprehensive, up to date, and centralized.

EO - LE Workflow
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Bridge the gap between in-house corporate legal, outside counsel, IT resources, and vendors to streamline logistics and documentation.

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Manage data sources as they move from preservation and collection through review, production, and eventual disposition.

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Track collection details based on data source type and preservation data points, along with chain of custody to ensure defensibility.

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Generate and schedule reports to provide status updates and data metrics for all team members.


Evidence Optix

Evidence Optix Limited Edition

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Using spreadsheets to track data sources is officially antiquated. Contact us for a demonstration of how Evidence Optix® LE can help your team defensibly track data source decisioning throughout the litigation lifecycle.