(NASHVILLE, TN) February 15, 2022 — Insight Optix, a legal technology company, is pleased to announce that Brennan Manna Diamond (BMD), a business law firm with more than 75 attorneys and nine offices across the country, is adding Evidence Optix (EO) to its discovery workflow.

A powerful discovery scoping, data source tracking, and proportionality assessment technology, EO enhances collaboration and transparency between law firms and corporations at the earliest stages of a matter and greatly reduces eDiscovery cost and risk.

By organizing and ranking custodians to the claims and defenses of a matter, scoring burden, and calculating cost projections, EO offers analytical information in an easy-to understand graphical heat map to guide discovery strategies and avert needless eDiscovery costs and disagreements with opposing counsel. Rather than filing motions for a protective order or asking the court to compel a party to pay for expensive electronic discovery, both sides will now be in a position to rationally work through a cost-benefit analysis and come up with a mutually acceptable game plan.

“BMD is an early adopter of the EO software and tools because we believe that a radical change is necessary with respect to electronic discovery,” said Robert A. Hager, Member of BMD’s Executive Committee. “For years now, technology has been used to search large volumes of information for relevant documents, but the question remains: What should the universe of documents be? EO answers that question. Courts and attorneys now have a defensible process to limit that universe at the inception of litigation to only that information which is proportionally reasonable to the claims in controversy. This approach is being recognized and embraced by members of the judiciary nationwide and supported by thought leaders in the industry. It is absolutely the right way to go.”

A core group of partners at BMD have personally invested in EO because they recognize the importance of the technology to manage all litigation discovery in a cost-effective manner. Litigation costs are difficult to control because they are often driven by the opposing party. Giving every litigator in the U.S. a patented tool to manage the cost of electronic discovery is an invaluable investment. In addition, EO represents a state-of-the-art approach to support discovery scoping and proportionality arguments leveraging analytics and attorney decisioning to right-size electronic discovery. Mr. Hager added, “Investing in this technology is critical if we are to avoid the wasteful scorched earth discovery practices of the past.”

“It is gratifying to work with attorneys who are putting their clients’ interests first and embracing innovative technology in the practice of law to solve issues that have plagued corporations for years,” said Mandi Ross, CEO and Managing Director of Insight Optix. “We look forward to serving BMD and collaborating with their legal teams to right-size discovery for their clients for years to come.”

About Insight Optix

Insight Optix is a legal technology company with the first and only technology solution in the market that addresses the longstanding problem of excessive and overzealous discovery. Evidence Optix’s patented workflow empowers early discovery scoping, budget projections, proportionality analysis, and data source tracking throughout the litigation lifecycle. Insight Optix is proud to be a WBENC-certified company that employs experts with decades of industry experience.

You can learn more about Evidence Optix® by visiting insightoptix.com or connecting with us on LinkedIn.

About Brennan Manna Diamond

Brennan Manna Diamond (“BMD”) was founded in 2000 with the goal of combining highly skilled, business-savvy attorneys to create a new way to provide legal and business services to its clients. BMD’s access to a network of successful entrepreneurs, consultants and developers allows for innovative solutions, symbiotic partnerships and sound legal and business advice. This methodology supports our commitment to Listen to, Solve for and Empower clients.

With over 75 attorneys in nine offices – BMD serves clients of all types and sizes in numerous industry sectors nationwide, including the areas of Banking and Finance, Business and Corporate, Cannabis, Construction, Cybersecurity and Privacy, E-Discovery, Employment & Labor, Family Wealth Management, Government Affairs, Healthcare, Immigration, Intellectual Property, International, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate, Start-Up/Ventures, Tax, Estate Planning and Asset Protection, and more. For additional information about E-Discovery or related legal services, contact Robert A. Hager at rahager@bmdllc.com or 216.695.6926, or visit www.bmdllc.com.