The Federal Rule amendments in 2015 elevated the importance of proportionality, but practitioners have struggled to make arguments based on information, not speculation. For the past 16 months, a group of 56 practitioners, experts, and judges have worked tirelessly to fix this problem. The result is the recently introduced “Discovery Proportionality Model: A New Framework”, spearheaded by George Washington University Law School (GW). Join us for a conversational webinar that combines insights from committee members with practical recommendations for implementing these new guidelines in your practice:

  • Case law and the challenges of proportionality
  • How this model gives you the keys to negotiate from a position of strength
  • When and how to start your proportionality analysis

Attendees will be encouraged to read the GW Framework prior to the event. The panel will welcome questions and dialogue from the audience during the session.

Speakers include:
Judge Iain D. Johnston
United States District Judge, Northern District of Illinois, Western Division

Rich Robinson
Director, Legal Operations and Litigation Support, Toyota

Martin Tully
Partner, Redgrave LLP

Mandi Ross
CEO and Managing Director, Insight Optix

Doug Austin
Editor, eDiscovery Today